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19 September 2018 - 20:00 - Cinéma Galeries


À Nairobi, Kena et Ziki mènent deux vies de jeunes lycéennes bien différentes, mais cherchent chacune à leur façon à poursuivre leurs rêves. Leurs chemins se croisent en pleine campagne électorale au ...


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16th Pink Screens Film Festival

For the 16th consecutive year, Genres d’à côté asbl is proud to present the PINK SCREENS FILM FESTIVAL, the Brussels queer film festival celebrating gender and sexual diversity. A new edition which offers you, once again, a strong and delectable selection of almost 70 short and feature films - fiction, documentaries and experimental. Something to get excited about in our headquarters in the Cinemas NOVA, Aventure and Galeries.

This year become familiar with the use of the neutral pronoun, question your definition of ’solidarity’, shake up the established notions of young and, moreover, not-so-young loves. Get into polyamoury or simply choose the one about the naked body (see focus Get naked? Oh My God!).

Go for the tormented, rebellious and revolutionary hearts, objects of desire and wild boys and girls. Follow a warrior queen or a cult film about an Amazon with a lasso, or perhaps you’re more into a proud gay icon dressed in leather. In short, share a perfectly unconventional and ever so queer slice of life.

And also remember to plug in to Queercore for a good musical, visual and political slap, and perhaps who knows, fill in a possible cultural or even historical gap (see focus Queercore).

The Pink Screens is much more than a paper programme. It is 10 days of films, exhibitions, debates, unconventional reflections, surprises, parties and get-togethers with the usual annual praise to the queer music scene – aka Pink Night (18/11 over the 2 floors of the Bodega).

And in December (save the date!) the festival will extend to the Cinematek with more than a dozen films around the theme: ’120 Beats Per Minute’, AIDS on screen.

Focus Queercore

In search of respect in the face of heteronormal punk, Queercore was born in the 80’s, a proper slap-in-the-face to a conformist gay-lesbian environment. “Queercore: how to punk a revolution” convenes a lot of beautiful people to trace the emergence and measure the impact of this cousin of Riot Grrrls, with its zines, concerts, groups and films. We will follow its ramifications all the way to present day. And we have even unearthed movies by G.B. Jones, one of the initiators of this movement with her then accomplice, the young Bruce LaBruce.

Focus Get naked? Oh My God!

What is hiding behind our gardens’ neatly trimmed hedges? Who is settling on the edge of our woods and amidst our fields? OMG! Naked people! Oh My God! Undressed bodies: shaking up the frameworks we are used to and the decorum we’re soaked in, they may give way to yet not imagined possibilities. Beware, for getting acquainted with ’Los Decentes’, ’Hugues’ , or the main character of ’Blind Sex’ (screening of ’Stronger than you’ ) might drag you down a rather tempting liberating path…




11 September 2018 - 31 January 2019

monthly screening


19 September 2018

Cinéma Galeries

monthly screening

Cassandro the Exotico!

11 October 2018

Cinéma Aventure


Save The Date Pink Screens 2018

8 November 2018 - 17 November 2018

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