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14th Pink Screens Film Festival

From November 12 to 21 move to the rhythm of the 14th edition of Pink Screens, the Brussels Queer Film Festival, celebrating sexualities and different genders with over 80 films.



Head to Lithuania for a poetic, magical escape in Alanté Kavaïté’s The Summer of Sangailé or risk a trip to the forest where all fantasies come to life in Jacques Accordé’s Amor Eterno. Shake up standard representations and fixed categories with Jan Soldat and his series of short films on the construction of masculinity and the dominance-submission relationship. Rediscover figures like Christine Delphy with Sylvie Tissot’s Je ne suis pas féminisme mais... and R.W. Fassbinder with Christian Thomsen Braad’s Lieben ohne zu Fordern, which provides an intimate and illuminating portrait of the still controversial filmmaker.

Pink Screens is also a ten-day expo of debates, performances and meetings to assault and deconstruct binaries. Whether before or after a session, and into the early hours, Pink Screens is 10 days of festivities and often folly as an event on the new queer scene, all closing on a high with the not-to-be-missed Pink Night.

Welcome all ye curious and daring! Welcome Pinkscreeners!

Discover our 4 focus : Greek, Boundaries, Double identity and Fragil.

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